One of the most versatile machines in the earthmoving and agricultural, industry needs innovative and long-lasting attachments. We manufacture GP buckets, Pallet forks, bale forks, crane jibs, and other attachments to suit all makes and models.


tl grapple bucket.png

Grapple Bucket

General purpose buckets with hydraulic grapple can be made on demand from 1.0m3 up to 5.0m3 capacity.


Bin Tipper

Bin tippers to suit JCB, Manitou and all other brands.

It can be made to order.

135 degrees rotation/1500 kg capacity


Hay fork

To suit JCB, 531/541 pick up


GP Bucket

We can supply general purpose buckets with JCB, CAT, Manitou quick hitch pick ups. Capacity from 1.0m3 up to 5.0m3 including bolt on cutting edge.


Crane JIB

Single piece jib :1500mm/2000KG

One extension: 2750mm/1100KG

Two extensions: 3950mm/750KG


Pallet forks

We can supply pallet forks to suit most models with quick-hitch pickups

Capacity 1500kgs / forks 1070 mm.
Capacity 2000kgs / forks 1220 mm.
Capacity 3000kgs / forks 1220 mm.
Capacity 4000Kgs / forks 1220 mm.
Capacity 5000Kgs / forks 1220 mm.